Eclipse Cookies - Macaron Cookies


After trying a number of recipes, this one worked the best.
I recommend using a scale, but I've included volume measurements if needed.

  • 4 oz finely ground almond meal/flour     (1  1/4 cup)
  • 7 oz powdered sugar  (1  2/3 cup)
  • 4 oz egg whites, room temp (whites of 4 eggs)
  • 3.5 oz granulated sugar - I recommend superfine (1/2 cup)
  • Pinch cream of tartar
  • Black and yellow food gel

Use food processor (blade) to mix almond meal and powdered sugar together until it is a fine powder. Sift multiple times if you want a nice smooth surface. 

Whip egg whites (with stand mixer preferably) until foamy. Gradually add granulated sugar a tablespoon at a time. Whip until thickened, then stop mixer to add cream of tarter.  Whip on high until soft peaks form. 

Gently FOLD the almond meal / powdered sugar mixture into the stiff egg whites, 1/3 at a time. Split the batter into 2 parts and add gel food color to each half. You'll need quite a bit of black to get a truly black cookie. I had to use 20 drops of liquid color for the yellow, so added a couple tablespoons and Andrea's Gluten Free Flour Blend to the yellow half to absorb the extra liquid.

Piipe Cookies using #12 Dot Decorating Tip.

Piipe Cookies using #12 Dot Decorating Tip.


Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Line baking sheets with parchment paper. Pipe small round cookies using a large dot decorating tip (#12 plain round tip). Hold bag at 90 degree angle to get a perfect circle. If needed, tap peak on top of cookie with slightly damp finger.  Cookies will expand about 50% when baked. Tamp baking sheet to remove excess air. Allow cookies to rest / dry at room temp for 20 - 40 min, depending on humidity. If not dry, they will crack when baked. Bake cookies for 12 minutes or until firm.

Once cool, spread cookie with icing or jam of choice. I used chocolate icing and rolled in sugar course sugar to make it look like the sun shining behind the moon. 


See these links for more tips for making macaroons. 

Happy Eclipse Viewing!!

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