Hearty Gluten Free Bread

Hearty Gluten Free Bread

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One pound loaf of artisan gluten free bread. This delicious, soft bread is made with olive oil and a touch of honey so it tastes amazing all by itself or filled with your favorite sandwich ingredients. Our Hearty Gluten Free Bread holds up well when packed for lunches (amazing PBJs) or sliced thin for crostini. 

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Our Hearty Gluten Free Bread stays soft and flexible and holds its shape. Works well for sandwiches (even when made ahead of time), toast, french toast or anything you would do with "normal" bread. No one would guess this delicious bread is gluten free AND rice free. 


Andrea's Hearty Gluten Free bread is sold as a whole, UNsliced loaf. Why would we sell it this way, rather than slice it? For one, this keeps the bread from drying out, so you can extend the shelf life.  Also, so many people are watching their carb intake these days, we wanted to give you the option to slice the bread as thick or thin as you'd like. And believe me, you can slice this bread very thin and it will hold up amazingly well. Slicing it yourself also allows you to get more value from your purchase if you so choose.  Slice on a diagonal, as shown in the picture, for sandwiches or straight for a smaller piece for crostini to accompany your salad or soup. Our Hearty bread stores very well in the fridge for quite some time... as much as 2 weeks. So... You choose.... Slice the whole loaf when it arrives and store fresh, frozen or at room temp (for up to 4 days) OR - put the whole loaf in the fridge and slice as needed.  

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